Fee Schedule

Harrison Township Fee Schedule

Type of Permit

Change of Use Permit $150
Zoning Verification Letter/Staff Plan Review $100
Accessory Structure

(single family)
(SF addition)

($500 minimum new building (Max $4,000)
($250 minimum additions (Max $2,500)
$.25 square foot
Temporary Sign (permit fee)
To ensure removal of sign (bond)
Permanent Sign $100

Transient Sign Vendors/Mobile Food $250
Temporary Sales/Events $50
Traffic Management Fee (see below) $100/hour

Regulations and Documents

Zoning Book $30
Zoning Map (Full size)
(black & white)


Board of Zoning Appeals

Non-Conforming or Variance Application $250
Conditional Use Applications (see below)
(Commercial Uses)

Administrative Appeal $500

Zoning Commission

Zone Change/Text Amendment $1000

Other Fees

Trash Bags $.30/bag
Traffic Tickets $20
False Alarms $50/first time

The Traffic Management Fee will be determined in your permit approval if it deems special traffic management efforts. The Conditional Use applications must be accompanied by the Conditional Use application fee and either the commercial or residential zoning permit fee.