Wellfield Protection Area Regulations

Blue-gold Certification for WellfieldSince 1988, our goal for Harrison Township is to balance a safe, abundant drinking water supply and continued economic development. Find information about the Dayton Regional Green 3 program

The major elements of the Wellfield Protection Program include:

  • Land use and control zoning
  • Economic development
  • Risk point buy down
  • 0% interest loans
  • Staff to assist businesses and realtors
  • Business inspections
  • Chemical inventory reporting
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Quarterly/monthly water quality/water level monitoring of 160 early warning monitoring wells
  • Monitoring of 58 investigative wells, as needed
  • Evaluation of groundwater/surface water relationship through piezometer, staff gauge and water quality monitoring
  • Emergency response capability
  • Time-critical groundwater investigations
  • Contractual requirement of necessary equipment on-site within 48 hours of notification
  • Multi-jurisdictional program
  • Educational
  • Community presentations
  • Children’s water festival
  • Business newsletter, workshops

The multi-jurisdictional Well Field Protection Program (WFPP) encompasses 6,280 acres in Harrison Township, Riverside, Vandalia, Huber Heights, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and Dayton.

The Well Field Protection Program in the Harrison Township's Zoning Resolution’s main intent, primarily Article 27, is to protect the region’s potable water supply against contamination.