Street Maintenance

The Services Department maintains 91 miles of roadway that represents 340 mostly residential streets. Several major thoroughfares traverse the township and they are maintained by either the Montgomery County Engineer's office or the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Surface Maintenance

An aggressive asphalt resurfacing program keeps our streets in good repair. Since 1981, the township has invested more than $7.5 million in the resurfacing of 193 miles of road, applying 168,600 tons of asphalt. In addition, $835,000 has been spent sealing more than 55 miles of roadway for preventive maintenance.

Snow Removal

Since the township is responsible for snow removal on residential streets, the Services Department is prepared throughout the winter months for any snow conditions. During a typical winter season, the department uses 1,500 tons of salt.

For snow removal, the township is divided into four areas: Northridge, Upper Shiloh, Lower Shiloh and Fort McKinley. Each area is assigned a crew and a truck. Supplementing these resources is a fleet of four 4-wheel-drive pick-up trucks equipped with snowplows.

Before Shoveling Your Driveway

Please wait until township crews have cleared your street before you begin, or you may have to shovel the driveway apron a second time. When you do shovel, pile the snow to the right side as you approach the street. This may reduce the amount of snow that gets pushed onto your driveway apron when our trucks come through and try to get the snow adequately off the street and clear of drainage facilities.

Other Services

The township also provides many other services related to street maintenance, including mowing, sign maintenance, street sweeping, and traffic marking.

Right-of-Way Permits

Any resident wanting to make improvements within the township right-of-way, such as new sidewalks, driveway aprons, curbs and landscaping, must first obtain a permit from the Services Department. There is no fee unless you are cutting into the asphalt. If a contractor is doing the work, we recommend that the contractor obtain the permit. View Right-Of-Way Application for residential (PDF) or Right-of-Way application for business (PDF).

County Routes

The following routes are maintained by the Montgomery County Engineer's office:

  • Salem Avenue
  • Wagner Ford Road
  • Needmore Road
  • Webster Street
  • Timber Lane
  • Stop Eight Road
  • North Dixie Drive
  • Markey Road
  • Philadelphia Drive
  • Catalpa Drive
  • Siebenthaler Avenue
  • Hillcrest Avenue
  • Shiloh Springs Road
  • Shoup Mill Road
  • Turner Road
  • Riverside Drive
  • Frederick Pike
  • Julia Drive from Main Street to Catalpa Drive

The Montgomery County Engineer's office can be reached at (937) 225-4904.

State Routes

The following routes are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation:

  • Interstate 75
  • Route 48 (North Main Street)

The Ohio Department of Transportation can be reached at (937) 832-1824.