Strategic Plan

On May 20, 2021, the Harrison Township Board of Trustees adopted a Strategic Plan for the township. The strategic plan sets out objectives, actions and a mechanism to prioritize annual actions and work tasks for the community.

The Harrison Township Strategic Plan is a guide to decision making and investment for the next 20 years. The board of trustees adopted a vision in the form of strategic objectives in six initiative areas:

• Businesses: Strengthened neighborhood business districts with viable local serving businesses.

• Image: Improved regional image of the township.

• Neighborhoods: Improved residential neighborhoods with increased home values, increased owner occupancy, and improved housing conditions.

• People: Increased population with young families, mature families and seniors aging in place.

• Prosperity: Increased resident prosperity and decreased poverty.

• Services: Sustained high level of township services with increased township revenues.

This plan identifies actions needed to achieve these objectives, a framework of benchmarks for monitoring progress and a process of annual work programs by the township at the department level. It also calls for continued partnering with valuable regional partners and internal community-based organizations.

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