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Posted on: September 20, 2022

Here's A Step By Step Guide On How To Purchase Property The Township Owns

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How can I acquire a property the Township Owns? 

  • The township does not have a land dispensation policy in place currently.
  • The township does not have a comprehensive inventory of township owned land available for acquisitions.
  • The Development Department is working on this effort, but it will likely be a while before we can effectively transfer properties.  

There are three major components that will play a factor in this policy:

  • The strategies of the soon to be adopted Land Use and Development Plan
  • Redevelopment and reinvestment goals/plans for specific neighborhoods and corridors
  • Classification of individual township owned properties based on plans

You may submit your name, address, email, phone number and the property you are interested in acquiring. We will contact you if it becomes available.

How can I acquire a vacant or abandoned Property? 

For all properties on nuisance lists, demo lists, etc. The township does not have control of these. If you are interested in one of these properties, you should review the Montgomery County Treasures depositor foreclosure program. 

This program allows an interested party to pay $2000 to start a tax foreclosure process and send a property to Sheriff’s sale. There is a disclosure that this process may take as long as 2 years and is not guaranteed. If a depositor is not the winning bidder at the auction, their $2000 is refunded.

How can I acquire a property the Land Bank Owns? 

Please visit their website at or e-mail or you can call (937) 531-6921.

It is best to look at the website first as it has instructions and inventories of properties.The following people can also help. It is usually best to call and e-mail them.


Program Assistant

Phone: (937) 531-7052


Operations Manager

Phone: (937) 531-6926


Program Manager

Phone: (937) 531-7034

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