Fire Hydrant Testing

The fire department will be test fire hydrants this spring according to the following schedule. The reason behind testing the fire hydrants is to make sure the hydrants work and to be sure they drain properly so they don’t freeze in the winter. 

May 2 - 8

East: North Dixie Drive/Keenan Avenue

South to Embury Park and east to the Harrison Township/Dayton line

West: Turner Road/Philadelphia Drive

Turner Road south to township line and Philadelphia Drive west to township line

May 9 - 15

East: North Dixie Drive/Needmore Road

North Dixie Drive south to Keenan Avenue and Needmore Road east to township line

West: Philadelphia Drive/Riverside Drive

Shoup Mill Road south to township line

May 16 - 22

East: North Dixie Drive/Needmore Road

North Dixie Drive north to Stop Eight Road and Frederick Pike east to township line

West: All streets north of Shoup Mill Road and Turner Road to Westbrook Road

This type of testing can cause the water to turn rusty brown, so be sure to check your water before doing laundry during this period. After testing has been completed in your area, let sink water run until the discoloration has disappeared. Once there is no discoloration, it's safe to do laundry.

Questions? Please contact the Harrison Township Fire Department at (937) 274-4351.

Fire Hydrant  Being Flushed Out