Police Services

Montgomery County Sheriff, Harrison Township District 10 Substation

Administrative Staff

  • Captain Brad Daugherty, District Commander
  • Sarah Kuntz, Administrative Assistant 

2021 Annual Report Sheriff's Office District 10

Harrison Township contracts for police services with the Montgomery County Sheriff's office. Contact the office at (937) 890-9581 or fax (937) 890-1286.

District 10 is located at 5945 North Dixie Drive, Dayton, OH 45414. Captain Brad Daugherty was promoted to his current rank of District Commander in October of 2021. Captain Daugherty has five additional sergeants who serve as supervisors over the 29 deputies and detectives assigned to the district. In 2021, there were 49,113 calls for service from the community. 

The Proactive Policing Program has two full-time deputies who are utilized for direct patrol in order to locate unlawful activities of all types and enforce those laws being violated. The target areas came from several sources; citizen complaints that were received, neighborhood watch meetings, and crime reports. These deputies are also responsible for passing along information they receive to other deputies at District 10.

Harrison Township is divided into four districts or patrol beats, two in the Shiloh-Meadowdale-Ft. McKinley area and two in the Northridge area. Officers are responsible for normal patrol functions such as responding to dispatches and calls for service, taking reports from citizens and victims, initial crime scene investigation, traffic and speed enforcement, accident investigation and proactive or preventive patrol.

Bike patrol deputies supplement the traditional form of patrol in marked police cruisers. Detectives assigned to Harrison Township are responsible for conducting follow-up investigations on all property crimes, robberies, financial crimes and misdemeanors reported within the township.

Vacant House Sign-up Sheet

If you will be out of town and would like to have a deputy check your property while you are away, fill out the Vacation House Check form or call our non-emergency dispatch number at (937) 225-Help (4357) and provide your information.

Crime-Related Questions

The Harrison Township Sheriff’s substation personnel are always looking for new ways for you to report information to us. If you have questions or information regarding a specific crime or problem, contact Captain Brad Daugherty at (937) 890-9581.

Additional Programs Through the Sheriff's Office

There is a wide range of information, services, and programs are available located at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Website

Among your opportunities are: