Fire Services

Firefighters battling house fire on roof
Lord Company Employee Using Fire Extinguisher During Training Exercise

Fire Protection

The Harrison Township Fire Department is staffed by 23 full-time and 41 part-time firefighters. We operate from two strategically located stations: Station 94 on Turner Road and Station 95 on Needmore Road. The fire department has five engines, including a 75-foot ladder tower, support vehicles, specialized rescue vehicles, four state-of-the-art ambulances, an air truck, which is regularly maintained to ensure reliability and hazardous material (Haz-Mat) gear and training.

Emergency Medical Services

All 64 Harrison Township firefighters are certified as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and 28 are certified, paramedics. We have four medic units (ambulances) and operate three of them on a 24/7 basis. The remaining equipment is put into service as demand requires or staffing allows. The average response time for EMS-related incidents, from dispatch to arrival on the scene, is about four minutes.

Fire Prevention

The work of the Harrison Township Fire Prevention Bureau is motivated by the principle that preventing a fire is easier than suppressing one. We employ numerous strategies to accomplish the department's prevention goals.


Every business in Harrison Township is regularly inspected for compliance with the fire code. Inspections are made by certified firefighters and our policy is to work with the business owner to correct violations.

Public Education Programs

The Harrison Township Fire Department provides fire safety programs in our schools and to any groups, located in the township, that request a presentation. We offer programs to suit all ages and individual needs. To schedule a program, contact us and let us know the type of program you are requesting, the age of the audience, the number of people anticipated, and the preferred date and time. For more information, call (937) 274-4351, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Appearances at Special Events

The fire-safety message is brought to hundreds of people every year through special appearances of fire department personnel, along with Sparky the Dog, at neighborhood picnics, block parties and community events. We're also happy to display a fire engine, ambulance or "smokehouse" at your event. For more information, call the administrative office at (937) 274-4351 at least three weeks in advance to schedule.

Recreational Fire Permits

While recreational fires are allowed in Harrison Township, you must obtain a special permit at least one week in advance. A sheet with the guidelines listed will be given to you at the time you complete your permit form.

Additional Areas of Interest

If you would like to request records from the Harrison Township Fire Department, please click on the publications page and print the Public Records Request Form. The request can be delivered to Fire Station 94 located at 2400 Turner Road, Dayton, OH 45415.

Fire Reports

Fire reports may be picked up at the Fire Administrative Office, 2400 Turner Road, Dayton, OH 45415 three business days after an incident occurs. Photo identification is required. If the incident is still under investigation, the report cannot be released until after the investigation is completed. Allow additional time for pick up during the holidays. There is no charge for report copies.

Emergency Medical Service Reports

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) reports may be picked up at the Fire Administration Office, 2400 Turner Road, Dayton, OH 45415 three business days after the incident occurs. Photo identification is required. The document may only be given to the patient listed on the report or the parent/guardian if the patient is a minor child. Allow additional time for pick up during the holidays. There is no charge for report copies.

Emergency Medical Service Billing

Patients who use Harrison Township Fire Department ambulances to be transported to a hospital for emergency care will be billed for the service by an outside billing agency. If you have a question or wish to send correspondence regarding an EMS bill, please contact:

Medicount Inc.
10361 Spartan Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215
(513) 772-4465

We respect your right to privacy and treat all health care information about our patients with care under strict policies of confidentiality that all of our staff are committed to following at all times. We are Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliant.