Development Department

Harrison Township's Development Department is responsible for many activities within the township. We oversee community development, zoning, property maintenance, code enforcement, neighborhood support, street lighting, wellfield protection, geographic information systems, board of zoning appeals, zoning commission, community improvement corporation and other various activities.

Zoning Administration

Property Maintenance

Community and Economic Development



    Development Director

    Township Planner/Zoning Administrator

    Administrative Assistant

    Code Enforcement Officers

Economic Development

Harrison Township is dedicated to the retention and expansion of our commercial, industrial, and service businesses and to attracting new businesses. Harrison Township's staff specifically is dedicated to assisting current and prospective businesses to achieve success in Harrison Township. We will evaluate your needs and look at all possible assistance to help you accomplish your goals. Visit our economic development page for more information.

Community Development

Harrison Township has historically been a very proactive partner with our many various civic and neighborhood organizations. Township staff is always looking for new and productive partnerships within the township community to continue our mission of providing excellent local services to our township residents and property owners. Visit our community development page for more information.


The zoning code regulates land use in Harrison Township. It helps to protect our property values and quality of life by ensuring that new developments and other improvements are compatible with the surrounding community and neighborhood. Many homes and property improvements, such as building an addition, installing a pool, adding a deck or building a shed, require a zoning certificate. Please note that while some improvements do not require a zoning certificate, they do require a building permit, which can be obtained from Montgomery County Building Regulations. View the Harrison Township Zoning Map (PDF).

Zoning Certificate

For anyone needing a zoning certificate, here's how the process works:

The resident completes a zoning certificate application and submits it along with the appropriate drawings to the Development Department at the Harrison Township Government Center, 5945 North Dixie Drive. The staff reviews the request and contacts the resident regarding any questions. Once the review is complete - usually within two days - the zoning certificate may be picked up at the government center.

For more information about zoning matters, contact the Development Department at (937) 890-5611.

Property Maintenance Code

Harrison Township's property maintenance code allows us to maintain property values and the appearance of our community by establishing minimum standards for the upkeep of businesses, houses, yards, and vacant lots. The most common violations are junk cars, deteriorating roofs, trash and debris, and overgrown grass or weeds. The emphasis in enforcing the code is to work with the property owner to gain compliance. Two code enforcement officers share the responsibilities in this area.

Report Environmental Crimes

Harrison Township is a partner with Montgomery County and neighboring jurisdictions in the Environmental Crimes Task Force. Report illegal dumping.

Environmental Crimes

Well Field Protection Program

Harrison Township is partly located in the Miami Valley Well Field Protection area. We are charged with ensuring this area remains contamination-free. We work with the businesses located in this area to ensure compliance with well field regulations.

Well Field Protection Area

Neighborhood Support

Harrison Township is home to many local neighborhood Associations. The Development Department works with these groups to accomplish their goals. We will help residents who are interested in creating a new neighborhood association. For more information, call the Development Department at (937) 890-5611. Visit the neighborhood support page for more information.

Harrison Township Business Association

Harrison Township has a business association operated by township business owners and employees. The association's goals are to support the township, its people and the growth of businesses through the volunteer efforts of its members and board. Visit Harrison Township Business Association website for more information.