Was your property damaged or destroyed as a result of the Memorial Day Tornadoes?  See the Disaster Relief Tax Checklist

If your property was damaged or destroyed by the recent tornadoes, please be aware of the following:
Your current tax bill for 2019 will not reflect any damage done to your property. The current bill is based on the value of your property as it existed on January 1, 2018. Any reduction in value will be reflected on 2020's first half tax bill.
To receive a reduction in your value as a result of storm damage, you must fill out an Application For Valuation Deduction for Destroyed or Damaged Real Property. The reduction in taxable value to your property will be updated for the 2020 tax bill based on the date of the tornado. That form is available in the link above, or you may call the Auditor's Office at 937-225-4326 to request a form by mail. The state requires that these forms be notarized, so please visit the Auditor's Office during business hours if you need a notary.
If you are having difficulties making your tax payments due to the tornadoes, you may be eligible for an extension on your tax bill that you received this July. Please contact the Montgomery County Treasurer's Office at 937-225-4010 (Option 1) to find out more.